Now that my safari into social media has evolved into daily forays, I’ve found the hardest part for those of us who are writers and deep experiencers/thinkers is limiting our time here – and naming what this tool called “social media” is for. I (and many others) have said this before, but social media’s greatest strength for me has been in furthering business contacts (especially as someone who works solo at home), and expanding my list of acquaintances & long-lost friends. I’ve loved being out here connecting with people I wouldn’t have met any other way. But it’s not proven to be a good tool for furthering sustaining (and sustainable) friendships in general, has it? Unfortunately for those of us with limited time (that would be all of us), it’s been easy to use up all my time using this particular tool for interaction to the exclusion of others: face-to-face time, phone calls, even writing letters, for those who like them. For poets & artists & anyone else whose quality of life depends upon deep, lingering experiences, we have to be so careful about not spending all our precious & limited time networking or facebooking, but being intentional about scheduling time to fully be in our environment, investing in our bodily relationships, etc. Scheduling balance, in other words.

Would love to hear what kind of balance between the virtual and tangible people have found in their own daily lives. If life is lived in moments, then moment-by-moment seems a good place to start setting up this sustainable balance (instead of having to have a philosophy or strategy before trying things out). Because I’ve found that unless I’m rooted in and fully experiencing the real, I have very little of substance to say in the virtual. And I certainly don’t want to waste others’ precious time reading random words anyone else could have written with as little thought!